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Indonesian Tropical Bliss

Drawing inspiration from ancient Asian traditions, Aura Spa targets six Journeys for achieving true wellbeing. Nature is extraordinarily generous. It nourishes and heals, grounds and protects. Like the ancient civilisations who came before us, we know that harmony and balance need not come from something designed in a lab. The answers are found all around us – in our seas, our gardens and the earth upon which we live. That’s why Aura Spa & Wellbeing was designed with nature at its core. We make many of our products with healing ingredients picked fresh from our islands – salt is harvested from our seas, turmeric is grown in our permaculture gardens, and aloe vera is plucked from our forests.

Spa Services & Facilities

Aura Spa is set in natural surroundings and is the perfect environment for total rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit. Our treatment rooms provide a revitalising space where you can sink into luxury and allow yourself to be fully pampered.

We offer a range of treatments from head to toe, our facial will leave your skin glowing and our foot mapping will energise tired feet. Bawah’s signature massages have been created from the vast range of experience of our highly-skilled therapists.

  • 4 Treatment Rooms ( 1 twin & 3 single rooms)
  • Oil and Scent Bar
  • In-suite Spa Treatments
  • Aura Spa Explorer

To discover a Spa Experience beyond the spa walls 

Aura Wellbeing

Experience true wellbeing at Bawah Reserve with daily yoga, Pilates and meditation classes, air-conditioned gym, jungle gym and more

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