Data Protection Policy

A guest at any hotel in Indonesia is required by law to be registered as a guest. An Indonesian hotel guest is required to produce their KTP (Identity card) and the
details are recorded. A foreigner is required to present their passport and provide their full name, passport number, place of issue and expiry date, country of
citizenship, age, sex, port of entry, next destination, unless they are a resident in Indonesia, then a local identity document such as a SKLD may be used instead
of their passport. This information is then all provided to the local police. It is also used to derive statistics by the Indonesian office of statistics (Badan Statistik)
and also to determine guest numbers and frequency of stay for the collection of accommodation taxes, this also being monitored by the local office or
transportation, communications and tourism. It also assists the police to find you or your travelling companions in an emergency. For this reason we are legally
obliged by local law to keep a scan of your passport on file before your trip and for 12 months post trip.
We require your data as above to enable us and the travel partners set up your trip to Bawah, and as such we must share your data with the travel partners
who – the travel partners are responsible for the safe protection of your data as per their own data protection procedures.