Bawah Anambas Foundation

Operating in parallel and close alignment with Bawah Reserve, the Bawah Anambas Foundation (BAF) was created in 2018 as an independent, not for profit organisation. BAF was established to help conserve and expand the biodiversity in the Anambas Islands through a marine conservation programme aimed at protecting the coral and fish on the surrounding barrier reef and a land-based conservation programme, as well as lifting the communities’ welfare.

The district of Anambas consists of more than 200 islands across 7 sub-districts with around 45,000 people. 75-80% of the community rely their livelihood heavily on the ocean. BAF is working closely with the local Anambas government as well as various stakeholders including NGOs, academic and research institutions, other private sector entities with the same ethos and objectives, and most importantly the community themselves.

Supporting the people of the Anambas

Sustainable eco-awareness education. A number of the initiatives led by BAF include coral reefs preservation, involve work on, or in close proximity to, the islands of Bawah. Other work, such as alternative livelihoods and vocational skill development, takes place on neighbouring islands. Sustainability is integrated into the design and operations of Bawah, and the close co-operation between BAF and Bawah Reserve is a key strength. In addition to providing a luxury vacation experience, Bawah Reserve gives the opportunity for guests to choose to participate in the work of the Foundation. Participation can take a range of forms, for example active assistance with marine conversation activities during guests’ vacation time on Bawah, or financial support for specific initiatives being undertaken by the Foundation. Participation is not expected, but is always appreciated. BAF provides a unique opportunity for guests of Bawah to help protect the beauty of Bawah for generations to come.

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Flora, Fauna, Oceana

The priorities for the BAF programme are: Marine Conservation (coral reefs preservation and rehabilitation, turtle conservation, and marine park management improvement); Community Development (providing alternative livelihoods, capacity building for the community through vocational skill improvement and integrated solid waste management); Forest Conservation (reforestation in the Anambas, nursery development, and agro-tourism development).

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Flora, Fauna, Oceana

After time spent exploring the Anambas region, 2 islands close to Bawah Reserve were chosen for BAF to begin working with the communities. Since launching in 2018 BAF have begun implementing several community development programmes geared at improving the lifestyles of the people of the Anambas. BAF is committed to rehabilitating the underwater life both at Bawah Reserve and the surrounding areas, our intention to protect and revive the marine biodiversity

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