Kids and Bawah

Everything you need to know about families on Bawah

Bawah Reserve is a family friendly island however the very thing that makes this island so unique, brimming with marine life and colourful living corals – its remoteness – is what also makes this holiday destination less suitable for young kids. For that reason there is a strict rule of no children under 5 years old at Bawah. If your child is five years old or above and you are an adventurous family who seeks the stunning unexplored surrounds of this part of Indonesia – then we can’t wait to welcome you to the barefoot sunny island! Before you book please do consider the following to help with planning your trip.

What’s Here for Kids?

Bawah Reserve is a nature lover’s playground – bring your binoculars and spot the many birds and butterflies. Go snorkeling and see how many different types of fish and corals you can see! There’s an abundance of outdoor activities to keep kids busy–from simply playing on the beach near the shallow peaceful waves (beach toys are provided) to checking out how veggies grow in our garden patch, swimming or snorkeling in the clear blue sea (there are guided snorkeling tours too), kayaking, sailing, diving (from 16 years old), cooking classes (best for teens), tennis and joining mum and dad in the guided forest walks.


Which suite is best for your family’s needs?

Beach Suites

beach suite extra bed

Beach suites comprise of a king bed and bathroom with a balcony to sit and read or enjoy an afternoon drink. We can add 1 single bed to any suite ($600USD additional per night). This extra bed would fit right up against the king bed with no gap in between so that all beds are snug under the mosquito netting. If you are a family of 2 adults and 1-2 smaller kids and are happy to sleep with this configuration  you will be charged $600USD per child. Click here to view.

If you have older teens and need your space the other option is to book out two suites. Bear in mind that there is at least a 30 metre space with bush and trees between suites so they are not connected, making this configuration unsuitable for younger children (unless one adult and one child can sleep in each suite).

Deluxe Beach Suites

deluxe beach suite

Deluxe beach suites comprise of a king bed, bathroom and in addition a central living and dining area. We can add 1 single bed ($600USD additional per night. As with the beach suite this extra bed would fit up against the kind bed under the mosquito netting and could fit 2 adults and one child or two smaller kids at a push). Take 2 beach suites and you can sleep separately to your children however bare in mind that each deluxe beach suite is at least 50 m apart from each other with a stone wall in between you. Click here to view.

Jungle Lodge

jungle lodge

The newest addition to the island is the Jungle Lodge accessed by 50 steps up into the jungle overlooking the canopy. There are 2 en-suite bedrooms with a king bed in each, and a living/dining area. Unlike the other accommodation options there is no outdoor space/balcony but the beauty of the Jungle Lodge is that the second bedroom can have up to three single beds so its perfect for larger families who want to put the kids to bed and then have their own time in the living area to read or relax. The lodge has glass doors that overlook the trees and there is a sense of being immersed in green foliage with only a slight view of sea (although the beach is only a five minute walk away).


As mentioned, Bawah is in a remote part of the world accessible by seaplane (one daily flight in, one daily flight out at pre-set times 6 times a week only). For this reason it is not advised for babies and toddlers.

If you are here with kids and if there is a problem – rest assured that there is an International SOS Dr on site however the nearest hospital is at least 3 hrs away.

Bawah is all about luxe island living. The natural environment is tropical and rugged – there are bugs and beautiful butterflies, forested hills (it’s a reserve after all!), and rocky terrain inland. The pathways connecting the overwater bungalows have minimal fencing and there are a fair few steps up to the main restaurant where breakfast and dinner is served, as such strollers cannot be accommodated on the island.

If you have any questions we haven’t answered on bringing your children or need help deciding which accommodation will be best for you and your kids– please email us: [email protected]

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