Scuba Diving at Bawah Reserve, Clown Fish and Anemone at Bawah Reserve, Indonesia.



Dive the Coral Triangle

Discover True Utopia for Scuba Divers

The Anambas Islands are labelled one of Asia’s top five tropical island paradises for divers. Bawah Reserve is surrounded by jaw-dropping underwater scenery and 12 dive sites right off the coast, reachable by a short boat ride.

As one of Indonesia’s first marine conservation areas, the Reserve features an abundance of flourishing coral reefs and healthy marine life. All dive sites have similar topography, with a gentle sandy slope going down to approximately 7 meters before a further 25-30 meter depth – diving is spectacular at any of those depths.

Bawah Reserve diving customers typically enjoy a morning and afternoon dive, making it a very relaxing activity to fit into your island getaway. Of course, you are welcome to arrange up to 5 dives per day, inclusive of a night dive at our PADI 5-star certified dive centre.

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